Fresh Bootcamp is outdoor group personal training designed for people of every level to maximise their health and fitness in minimal time, for minimal cost.

Do you want to lose weight whilst increasing your fitness, flexibility, muscle tone and energy levels? Do you find it difficult to get motivated and reach these goals by yourself?

At Fresh Bootcamp we use a variety of fun and functional training methods in a friendly group environment to keep you challenged and engaged throughout an 8 week course.


Please feel free to contact us for any questions on our fitness services – Ph: 0422 035 992  



Why choose Fresh Bootcamp for fitness? Bootcamp fitness is the most effective way to lose serious kg’s in minimal time.


Corporate Fitness

Corporate fitness sessions are designed to accommodate the needs of a variety of people regardless of age and fitness level.


Fitness Services

Fresh Bootcamp provide outdoor fitness solutions to taylor your needs without breaking the budget. Get serious results in minimal time.

  • The Fresh Bootcamp Program

    • Programs involve 16 sessions over an 8 week period. Your ongoing motivation is key, so we keep things fresh using a wide variety of exercises.

      From interval training, kettle bells, weights, medicine balls, boxing and more, each session is different but designed to drive you towards your goals.

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