7 Scientifically Proven Tips for Effective Weight Loss

Hi People, here is some info for my northern beaches and north shore fitness bootcamp groups!

7 Scientifically Proven Tips for Effective Weight Loss

1. Exercise: For long term successful weight loss you need to exercises for 4 hours per week

2. Activity: Being physically active for 60-90 min per day

3. Eat real fresh food as opposed to processed food: Eat fresh, real food is naturally low in calories and high in nutrients, which your body needs plus it’s high in fibre

4. Alcohol: If you are serious about wanting to tone up or lose weight, limit your drinks to 5 per week. Beyond this will negatively affect your goal to lose weight.

5. Manage Stress: Stress causes the release of hormones which inhibits fat loss and promotes fat storage
6. Get 8 hours sleep: 7 to 8 hours sleeps is the optimal level required for health

7. Keep a food diary: A food diary is critical for success. You need to know what you are putting in your body at all times to monitor progress

(This is also for the Mums Fitness Northern Beaches/ North shore fitness crew!)


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