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Hi people from my bootcamps and mum fitness groups in the northern beaches and north shore. Here are 5 motivational tips to keep you guys focused and training! Breakdown your big fitness goal to small goals: Don’t get overwhelmed by

7 Scientifically Proven Tips for Effective Weight Loss

Hi People, here is some info for my northern beaches and north shore fitness bootcamp groups! 7 Scientifically Proven Tips for Effective Weight Loss 1. Exercise: For long term successful weight loss you need to exercises for 4 hours per

Bodyweight Workout of the Week

Hi Guys and girls from my northern beaches bootcamp and mums fitness group. Here is a quick Bodyweight workout of the day which everyone can do: 5 min jog 2 min sprints (50 metre sprints x 4) – sprint 50m,

Top 5 weight loss tips

Northern Beaches fitness training/North Shore Bootcamps and fitness training. Afternoon people this is the first of many posts regarding fitness tips and info which i have created. Today will be 5fitness tips to weight loss: 1. Drink a minimum of