Hi people from my bootcamps and mum fitness groups in the northern beaches and north shore. Here are 5 motivational tips to keep you guys focused and training!

  1. Breakdown your big fitness goal to small goals:

Don’t get overwhelmed by the 10kg you want to lose. Focus on small weekly weight loss targets which are achievable.

2. Create a plan to commit yourself to losing small amounts of weight:

    ½ kg to 1 kg per week.

    3. Have a set workout time and place:

      You have no more excuses to say you don’t have time to workout. Once you get into the routine, workouts no longer become a chore.

      4. Variety of workouts:

        Don’t do the same routine every time you workout. You will get bored in a month. Mix up your training methods and intensity. It’s unbelievable how much more you will enjoy your workouts!

        5. Don’t count the Km’s and calories

          Don’t workout with your constant focus on counting calories. Exercise will become a frustrating every time you focus on the pizza you had and the calories required to burn. Make exercise a lifestyle choice and you will get results!!


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